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<faq> (frequently asked questions)


Actually, some of these questions are infrequently asked, but I include them anyway.



QWhat should students call you?  How do you like to be addressed?

A.  Colette is fine.  So is Ms. Wanless-Sobel or Dr. Wanless-Sobel, if you prefer formality.  Miss Colette sounds feudal, to me.


QWhat is the best way for students to get in contact with you?

A.  E-mail is a good bet, as I am online throughout the day and regularly respond to E-mail in the early evening of each week day.  You also have the option of leaving a voice mail on my home phone.


QMay students call you at home?

A.  Absolutely.  In fact, students need to contact me at home, as I am seldom on campus. My number is  530.268.3248. I have an answering machine and check messages regularly. When leaving a message, be sure to speak slowly and clearly, especially in regard to the phone number you wish me to call.   Repeat the phone number you would like me to call twice, please. I do request no calls to my house after 9:00 PM, please. I am on Pacific Time.


Q. What should I do, if I have a question or problem with the D2L technology?

A. Always feel free to contact me.  Usually the two of us can work it out by talking over the phone in a "conference session."


  For technical assistance on campus:


First, review the information about D2L usernames and passwords; the information usually resolves the most common log-in problems.


Second, review the relevant web videos available (link opens in a new browser window).


Third, submit the Student technical help web form in the 'Online Inver Hills' section of the college's web site if you want help from technical support staff by phone or e-mail.

Fourth, visit the Computer Lab, 1st floor, Library building for in-person help with all campus technology.

     Computer Lab Hours - Fall Term
     (on days classes meet on campus)

     Monday - Thursday

     Phone: (651) 450-8653 -- option 2

Q.  How often are you online?  What hours do you tend to be online?

A.  During the typical work week, Monday-Friday, I am online several times a day, and I check E-mail frequently.  I am online less frequently on weekends, although I still check E-mail a couple of times a day.


QWhat if I E-mail you or call you and do not hear back from you within 24 hours?

A.  Unless I am ill, I respond to all E-mail and phone calls promptly.  If you do not hear from me within a reasonable length of time, please assume I did not receive your call or message, and call or E-mail me again.


Q. Where is your office?

A. Because I faciltate classes online, I do not have a RL (real-life office).  Sorry.


Q. May students drop off papers at your office when you are not there or place place in your faculty mailbox?

A.  Remember, I do not have a RL office. Submit class work to the D2L drop box system, which operates similar to E-mail attachments.  If you have difficulty with the Dropbox, we can conference by phone or E-mail, and  I shall show you how to utilize it. 


Q.  Do you accept late papers?

A.  I accept renegotiated work contracts--meaning, work deadlines have been renegotiated with me ahead of the due date, with both of us agreeing to a new due date.  A last minute announcement about a late paper is not acceptable and will be penalized by way of grade reduction.  (I hate issuing threats.)


Q. Are you a hard grader?

A.  I demand a lot from students, but I also allow--indeed, encourage-- revisions for higher grades on all assignments.


Q.  In terms of personality, are you a crabby curmudgeon; a dead fish; cool and caustic; suave and debonair; efficient and business-like; or a loopy eccentric?

A.  Probably efficient and business-like, with a large dose of eccentricity.


Q. Any advice on how to succeed in your classes?

A.  Be yourself and be willing to think.