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spring 2010 D2L students

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spring 2010 D2L students
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<spring 2010 D2L students>


Hello, D2L Students!
The seond session of spring term 2010 will soon begin:  January 11, midnight. 

I shall be posting the course syllabus to your METNET  E-mail account about one week before your class session begins.  So keep a look-out for mail!
D2L has a new look and some new features.
To learn about the new look and feel of the D2L interface, check out the following links: 
Student Perspective Overview of D2L 8.3 Changes (9 minutes) 

Student Perspective Groups-Dropbox-Locker-Discussions (15 minutes)
For those of you who are new to D2L and / or online instruction, please see the information below to assist you in getting started.
How-To Begin with D2L Video (click to access)



The class you have registered for is an online,computerized course, which means we shall be using the Internet for research, assignments, paper submissions, and even class discussion.

The platform (software) we shall be using is D2L. 

D2L, Desire2Learn, is a web-based learning program designed to help students achieve their educational goals. It provides the student with an e-learning environment that allows the student to adapt with ease, so she / he can focus on her / his learning experience, not on the technology involved. Desire2Learn is a fully customizable learning management system. It provides the student with an alternative to the traditional classroom setting, while at the same time, allowing the student a convenient way to take courses with the flexibility of being able to do so from anywhere that she / he may have computer access.  In addition, the D2L platform builds skills in digital literacy, and important professional and life skill in the twenty-first century.

Before you can access your online course with me, you must have an initialized MetNet student  account.  To do so, click here 

Assuming you have an initialized (MetNet) E-mail account, go to the VirtualIHCC site (see for instructions on how to get into Desire2Learn (D2L).


Post an E-mail message sent to the Technical Support address (; it appears in the global address list when using Outlook or Outlook Web Access too. An alternate way to make a technical support request is to use the "Student technical help" request form on the college web site. That form doesn't require your network account to be working in order to submit a request. While the technicians who typically monitor that mailbox focus on student technical requests, they can easily move the request to the usual Tech Support mailbox.

If feel your situation is urgent and you need to speak with a technical support person immediately, I suggest calling the Computer Lab. The Computer Lab is open 66 hours a week and serves as the technical support center during the evenings and on Saturdays when the Computer Lab is open. Often, the person supervising the Computer Lab will be able to help you directly. If not, they will be able to get you in touch with a technician, if one is available, or at least get your request for assistance into the Tech Support mailbox. The Computer Lab phone number is on the college web site in a number of places:
    Computer Lab pages: home page --> Student Resources menu --> Computer Lab link
    Student Technical Help Request page: home page --> Online Inver Hills section --> Student technical help link
    Desire2Learn login page : home page --> Online Inver Hills section --> D2L log-in link
By the way, do not worry about getting behind in class.  I have set aside the first few days of class for accessing D2L!

If you need assistance, please contact me.  My E-mail is colette.wanlesssobel@GMAIL.COM; my home phone number is  530.268.3248.

"See" you soon in cyberspace.